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Oscar Pistorius, 45.20, Qualifies for Olympic with A standard

03/19/2012 - 11:55

oscarpistorius.pngby Larry Eder
When I was fortunate enough to meet Oscar Pistorius at the Nike Prefontaine Classic last year, I was taken by how relaxed he was. Oscar was obviously comfortable with the press, not searching it out, but understanding that this was part of his sporting life. He has fascinated many in the general sports audience, and has fascinated many in the track public.

Running 45.20 shows how much of an athlete Oscar really is, and note here, that the young man has the potential to run much, much faster.

Pistorius told a story to the media with him at Pre, which was NBC staff and myself, about his childhood. He and his brother were typical boys, and his older brother had a go kart. They would take it down the steep hill by their home, with the rule that they stopped a couple of driveways down the hill, in order not to get too fast or go into cross traffic.

Well, one day, the older brother allowed Oscar on the go kart. They picked up speed. They did not go into the first two driveways so they were seriously picking up speed. Oscar noted, in retelling the story, that they were heading towards the cross traffic.

It was then, that Oscar's brother asked for one of his legs with a sneaker on it. Strongly grasping Oscar's artificial leg with sneaker, Oscar's brother used the sneaker as a brake.

The smell of rubber was intense as the sneaker and artificial leg did its work, slowing down the go kart with the two young boys from heading into cross-traffic.

Oscar smiled telling us this story, he said that it was then that he knew his legs could be special.

We look forward to seeing Oscar Pistorious this summer...

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