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Vibram Sued Over Five Fingers

04/16/2012 - 13:01

vibram.pngby Larry Eder
The Vibram Five Fingers shoe, over the past two years, has shaken up the running footwear industry. Champions of Minimalist shoes see that shoes such as Five Fingers have changed the industry. A more gentle read might be that is partially true, as lightweight shoes are here to stay, and that extremes on both ends have their supporters. In the end, there is really nearly a perfect shoe for every runner's footstrike now.

The key is, finding the right shoe for you. That is why, at Running Network, we do six to eight different reviews a year, (and we track 45 brands), as our readers are interested in new product and there are shoes worth your consideration.

Running shoes are equipment. Runners need to find what works for them, and with extreme product, build into it, to lessen the chance of injuries. Even a shoe perfectly suited for you takes time for the body to adjust. Be careful!

Vibram has been sued, due to the alleged health benefits or lack of benefits that have been touted, in a class action suit, with 100 people named as claimants. I have to admit that I find this type of lawsuit, over alleged health benefits, a bit silly, but, here is what they had to say about it....

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