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Special: U.S. Women's Olympic Marathon Trials

05/06/2008 - 14:09

4-25-08 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials-Women's Marathon Ends in Historic Fashion

4-20-08 Kastor Rallies to Win U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Women's Marathon

4-20-08 Race Day Commentary from Larry Eder (American Track & Field)

4-20-08 Olympic Trials and Tribulations for DC Area Runners (Washington Running Report)

4-19-08 Quotes: Top Contenders Press Conference

4-17-08 Pacers Running Stores Hosts U.S. Olympic Women's Marathon Trials Viewing Party (Washington Running Report)

4-11-08 162 of America's Top Distance Runners Enter U.S. Olympic Team Trials

4-11-08 Ohio Qualifiers: Ann Alyanak, Rachel Kinsman, Becki Michael & Melissa Rittenhouse (RUNOHIO)

4-10-08 Samia Akbar: Blessed with Talent (Washington Running Report)

4-8-08 USA Track & Field announced today that defending women's Olympic Trials Marathon champion Colleen De Reuck (Boulder, CO) will not compete at the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Women's Marathon. She had to withdraw due injury.

4-8-08 PA/USATF Women Will Contend for Top Spots at U.S. Olympic Team Trials: Women's Marathon (Cal Track)

4-4-08 Q & A with Marathon Trials Qualifier Paige Higgins (Colorado Runner)

4-3-08 Californians Could Sweep Women's Olympic Marathon Trials (Cal Track)

4-2-08 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials-Women's Marathon Streamed Live Online & Televised (New England Runner)

3-08 An Interview With Olympic Trials 'A' Qualifier Emily LeVan (New England Runner)

3-3-08 Olympic Trials Dreams Realized at Kaiser Permanente Napa Valley Marathon (Cal Track)

1-26-08 Interview with Desiree Davila (New York Road Runners)

9-07 - Kara Roy: On Her Way to the Olympic Trials (Colorado Runner)

9-07 Cheryl Anderson: Medical Student, Olympic Trials Qualifier (Washington Running Report)

10-05 - Mary Kate Bailey: Daughter of the Revolution (Washington Running Report)

5-05 Susannah Kvasnicka: Still Building the Foundation (Washington Running Report)

3-05 Casey Smith (Washington Running Report)

First Steps: A Handful of Female Marathon Pioneers Inspired a Generation of Women Runners (Marathon & Beyond, 2001)




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