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2016 HOKA ONE ONE Fall Cross Country Training Program - Weeks 1 & 2: Fall Training Begins

09/06/2016 - 12:31

hokasmall.jpgWeeks 1 & 2: Fall Training Begins
You’ll start on the road to a good fall of training with a long run, a tempo run, and some moderately paced runs. Don’t worry about pace in these first two weeks; just get out there, have some fun, and get into the habit of regular running. Workouts always begin with a warmup, some gentle stretching of major muscle groups, and light jogging. Repeat for your cool-down.

Monday: Warm up; 5 miles easy running; cool down.

Tuesday: 1-mile warmup; 20-min tempo run; 1-mile cool-down. To determine your tempo run pace, add a half-minute to your present mile pace for a 5K. For example: If you currently run 19 min for a 5K, that’s 6:10 pace. Add 30 seconds to get your tempo run pace of 6:40 per mile. Recalculate your pace as your fitness improves, about once a month.

Wednesday: Warm up; 5 miles easy running; cool down.

Thursday: 1-mile warmup; 2 hill repeats (run 200 yds uphill, turn, jog downhill to start; repeat once with no rest); 1-mile easy cool-down.

Friday: Warm up; 5 miles easy running; cool down.

Saturday: No workout. Walk, bike, watch a movie.

Sunday: Easy 6-mile run on grass or dirt with friends.



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